American Champion Aircraft Corporation

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American Champion Aircraft is a manufacturer of FAA certified light acrobatic and utility aircraft for pleasure, work, training, and true excitement.

American Champion Aircraft is proud to partner with Piston Power (formerly AEPC).  Piston Power offers an array of extended engine coverage for both new and used aircraft.  Click their Logo learn more.



09/05/2019:  New Website is getting close to completion!! Hoping for Halloween.
It should be simpler and faster to load.  Also the reason for so few updates.
  And...more accurate G3X panels now!

                   VFR Panel Complete for $17,995 (G3X w/GPS, 225 Com, 345 ADS-B Transponder)

                   IFR - Lite Panel Complete for $23,995 (Add G5 Back-Up and swap to 375 IFR GPS/Transponder)