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As An Owner, Why Would I Want Metal Spar Wings?

Is the metal spar wing a bunch of engineering hype then?   No, not at all.  As well as the engineering aspects of the conversion to metal spar wings, there are other practical reasons to consider a wing swap.


(1)  It is typical for a retro-fitted airplane to retain the added value of the metal spar wings. Aiding this fact, new fabric and paint methods in the industry offer more durable covering that looks new for years.  Also, the assembly work is done by the factory under an FAA approved quality system.


(2)  The wings are ALL new parts.  That is, new ribs, new fuel tanks, new control cables and brackets, everything!  Most sets require new front struts as well.  These struts are "Decathlon Style" with a large open section aluminum streamlined tube for maximum strength and corrosion prevention.


(3)  The metal spar wing retro-fit also offers an increase in gross weight to some    models.


(4)  The wings come complete, ready to bolt on.


This comes down to a competitive price when it hits the bottom line