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Game On! with Northwest Backcountry

Kasey Lindsey and the boys over at Northwest Backcountry seemed to have a fantastic weekend when they got to deliver a beautiful “NBA pre-owned" 2009 Scout to her new home in Tennessee.

"We had a great day flying to Smiley Creek for breakfast and got some practice in high density altitude operations. The DA this day was 11,000’ on departure. Scouts ate it up, no issue. Cruise altitude to get home was 12,500 MSL…. well above the bumps and much cooler but still flew flat (no high angle of attack needed) at a density altitude of 17,000!  

After breakfast we flew 8 miles to yet another Scout owner’s private runway for an “ice cream social” in the Sawtooth Valley, one of the most beautiful spots in the west. Total of 8 Scout owners on the ground!

All the folks in the group shot are actual Scout owners including the local gang and our most excellent ferry pilot Steve F.!" -Kasey Lindsey

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One of my best days of flying ever!

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