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FRA is the only American Champion Aircraft (ACA) Approved FAA Part 145 Repair Station. We are located within ACA's buildings/ hangars.  In most cases, the same craftspeople that build the new production aircraft assist in the work that FRA accomplishes. We know them inside and out. What better place to bring your 7 or 8 series Aeronca, Champion, Bellanca, or American Champion Aircraft?

Since we are located in the factory, we use factory new parts and have complete access to the ACA factory welding fixtures, tooling, drawings, technical data, engineering staff, FAA DERs/DARs, and just about anything else we need to get the job done.


Fox River Aviation Enterprises (FRA)


General Maintenance & Annual Inspections

We know those little spots that need to be looked at that most overlook

Aircraft Restoration &

Fly your aircraft in or bring in that project that you have been trying to finish. When you come back to pick it up it will look factory new!

Avionics & Wiring Upgrades

You can 'go big' with a complete Garmin G500 panel, or just upgrade that old wood grain panel. Want to replace that old fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel? No problem.

Fabric & Paint Work

We cover 35+ aircraft a year. We have three full sized paint booths, paint 20+ aircraft a year, and have all the supplies and colors in stock. If we don't have a color, we can mix it. 

Welding Work

Our certified welders do this every day. They do repairs in areas that most wouldn't even think of welding.

Insurance Accident Repairs

We have done many jobs for insurance companies and can work with you and your agent. You can have peace of mind that your aircraft will be well taken care of and will look factory new.

Aircraft Upgrades

Get the latest factory options on your older aircraft today

Major/ Minor Repairs and Alterations

We can handle that STC installation of those bush wheels, VG's, tow hooks, smoke systems, or whatever the latest and greatest thing is.


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