Traditionally the Champion line of aircraft used wooden wing spars nailed to aluminum ribs as the primary wing structure. This changed in 1990 when American Champion Aircraft redesigned and certified this structure with aluminum spars.

This change is the core difference between new aircraft and older models (1980 and older). In fact, American Champion has never offered a wood spar wing. The metal spar wings can retrofit to any of the older Citabria line and offer an affordable alternative (and upgrade) to rebuilding an old pair of wings.

Why metal spar wings? For one, you don't see the rest of the industry using wood spars. With the redesign, certain engineering aspects could be taken into account to improve performance and reliability. The metal wing assemblies act more as an upgrade than a replacement, offering numerous advantages to the owner.


All prices are in U.S. Dollars, and the prices below are for complete wings that are covered and painted with one color. 

The wings can be purchased without cover and/or paint at a discount. Wings without paint and fabric covering are discounted $2000 per set.  Fabric covered wings without paint are discounted $1000 per set. Additionally, 8GCBC Wings utilizing the 35 gallon fuel system are discounted $2000 per set. 

Initial order requires 50% down payment with balance upon delivery, which is non-refundable. Delivery of both the exchange set and the new wings is arranged by the customer.  Terms and Conditions are otherwise similar to Aircraft Purchasing.