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American Champion Aircraft (ACA) produces FAA certified light acrobatic and utility aircraft for pleasure, work, training, and true excitement.

The long standing design has proven stable and comfortable for over 50 years. The aircraft are a stronger, better built, better handling aircraft because of generations of refinement. Our privately owned company assures that the planes are built right, and not under the pressure of corporate cost / profit / production projections.

ACA has owned the type certificate to the Model 7 and Model 8 Champion Line since 1988, and has been supplying parts from the very beginning. New aircraft manufacture began in 1990 and has continued to grow since.


ACA's line of "Champs" is centered around the design change of metal spar wings, offering a more stable and sturdy platform than before. The line of Aircraft continues to be improved and modernized, is 100% FAA certified, and is still the most versatile and affordable two seat tandem tail-dragger in its class.


Want to learn about the people who are behind the making of your aircraft? Check out our blog to learn about some of our employees!


"Super cool experience to see where my bird was born and meet the craftsmen who built her... Proud to see the patriotism and pride of an American workforce doing what they do best."

- Andy Cashetta

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