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Marijke "Flygirl" Unger and her 1976 7KCAB

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Meet Marijke "Flygirl" Unger and her 1976 7KCAB, "Loki."

Marijke thought it was about time for a proper update on her aircraft, and brought it in to replace her wings. Her old wings were built with wooden spars, and had a lot of mileage on them. A particular flight through an Alaskan rainstorm actually stripped the paint off of the wings, so they were practically being held together with duct tape! Yes, Marijke and her plane have been through some incredible adventures, and with her brand new wings, they're both in for a lot more. We hope to see you again soon, Marijke!

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Evan Hailey
Evan Hailey
13 Eki 2020

Love that paint scheme!

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