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Jeff Troxel and his new Citabria Explorer

Jeff Troxel drove over from Menominee Falls, WI to pick up his brand new 7GCBC Citabria Explorer. Pictured above is Jeff and his son, Trenton, who is a big fan of our Citabria series. When asked why they chose us over the competition, they both said that the specs speak for themselves! Jeff owns another plane from a competitor of ACA's, and claims that when he tried out our Citabria at Oshkosh last year, he couldn't believe how comfortable and spacious it was. So naturally, he had to get one! Nice choice, Jeff, and congratulations on your brand new Citabria! Have a safe and comfortable trip flying all over the Midwest, and we hope we'll see you again soon!

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2 commentaires

Congratulations on your new Citabria Jeff! Very pretty!


Bob George
Bob George
29 juil. 2020

I learned to fly in a Champ

7EC (? I think) Back then the University of Minnesota had a flight school at the Anoka county airport.

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