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TEAM Aircraft, New 8KCABs

Two new 8KCABs have recently been finished at the factory, a Super Decathlon and an Xtreme Decathlon. The unique paint scheme on these aircraft is exclusively owned by our dealer TEAM Aircraft.

A Patriotic Paint Scheme

The scheme consists of a checkerboard tail, decals, and red, white and blue paint. It offers our customers another option aside from our classic sun ray and starburst paint schemes. If you're looking for something a little different, and xtreme-ly patriotic, this scheme is sure to fit your fancy.

Super Decathlon vs. Xtreme Decathlon

With a 210 horsepower engine, the Xtreme Decathlon offers a 30 horsepower boost over the Super. Useful load for the two models is only a 25 pound difference, with the Super at 645 lbs. and the Xtreme at 625 lbs. View more specifications on the Super and Xtreme Decathlon here.

Order A New Decathlon Today

If you're interested in ordering an 8KCAB with this paint scheme, contact Steve Broussard at TEAM Aircraft: or (913) 768-0100.

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Mar 11, 2020

WOW! No more better word to describe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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