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Living Legend Patty Wagstaff & a Super Decathlon

One of our very own Super Decathlons was featured in a video with living legend, Patty Wagstaff! For those who maybe don't know who she is-- but seriously, how can you not-- Patty is a 3-time US National Aerobatic Champion, being the very first woman to win this title; 6-time member of the US Aerobatic team; Gold, Silver & Bronze medalist in the International Aerobatic Competition; and an Inductee into the National Aviation Hall of Fame. She's a big deal! And here she is in HD, talking about her new online flight school, where she demonstrates and teaches basic aerobatic maneuvers to new flight students in an American Champion Aircraft Super Decathlon. She's beyond awesome, and we are so honored to see one of our aircraft in the spotlight with her. If you want to read more about Patty Wagstaff and her online flight school opportunities, visit her website here! Thank you, Patty Wagstaff!

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